Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tips: Trading

Hi jammers! 50 views in the first few days of this blog being open?! Thanks!!

Well anyways, today's topic is gonna be tips on trading. Here are some:
1. Watch out for colored items tricks. You can easily just meet me online and ask me for one no need to over trade a good rare for it!
2. Try to have items on your animal most of the time when you say trade me, members usually only look at list of people who look rare.
3. Watch out for membership scams/hacks never trust ANYONE (execpt good real life friends☺)who is giving out a membership they can easily hack you with the code.
4. Notice you are slightly more able to not get items scammed because you can't send gifts (I wish you still could give gifts to extra nice people though :( ) so people won't ask you for send trades.

Hope this might help ^.^

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