Sunday, August 24, 2014

Den Designs: Blue Twin Bed, Outfits: Tiger Tux

Hi jammers!
Welcome to my first Outfit post on AJ nm Field Guide!
Let's start now!
Tiger Tux
Patched Hat: 300 gems
Rare Freedom Bands: Adventures or Trade
Ribbon Scarf: 500 gems
Total: 800 gems

Make yo Tiger Tux today! It is seriously 1 of the lesser costing things I have ever made. 
Definitely not close to a real life cost.
Twin Bed
Striped Couch (x3): 200 gems each
Pillow (x2): 75 gems each
Star Pillow (x3): 300 gems each
Buttercup Rug (x3): 400 gems
Total: 2,850 gems

Kinda seems like a real life price XD

Can't get on computer sorry no item color gifs today

Peace, Love, Math.


  1. Why are they called that? I'm a twin, and I can't fit on a twin bed by myself!

    1. I have no idea. My mom told me my bed was a twin bed and I think they call it that because you can fit two side by side to make a king idk my guess

  2. Ey, too bad this thing died. At sucks. I liked spinning around in this thing.