Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Feast of Thanks! (and Sorta an Update)

Hi Jammers!
I have decided to post on this once more!
I will be posting every Sunday here!
Be sure to check this Sunday too!
 This is my den right now!
I have suited it up for our up coming Feast of Thanks!
Be sureful to invite your friends to for this spetacular Holiday!
Now let's go on with the post shall we?
Welcoming Feast!
Items: 8 (Maximum Storage: 192 items)
Cornstalk Latern: Unable to Collect!
Umbrella Holder: 300 gems x2
Cornucopia: 400 gems
Stone Chair: 350 gems x2
Patched Rug: 350 gems
Total: 2,050 gems
Note: This Den Design is best placed inside your den in any corners of the walls!

Peace, Love, Math.
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Remember to always help non members with colored items!

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